‘Using the power of Physical Education and School Sport to motivate and inspire young people to lead an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle’

Forge School Sport Partnership was initially established in 2001 as part of the Government’s national PE and School Sport Strategy to increase participation in High Quality Physical Education & School Sport and is now funded via subscriptions by membership schools. Our partnership is hosted by Handsworth Grange Community Sports College and currently includes 27 schools and over 15,000 young people.


All pupils leaving primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.



To achieve self-sustaining improvement in the quality of PE and sport in primary schools. 

Indicators of such improvement should include:

•      the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles

•      the profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

•      increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

•      broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

•      increased participation in competitive sport


Our packages have been produced based on consultations with PE Teachers, School Sport Co-ordinators, Primary PE Coordinators, Pupils, Head Teachers and other key partners across the City. It truly reflects the core values and principles that our work within schools is built upon.


We firmly believe sport and all that it encompasses truly can change the lives of young people and contribute towards raising aspirations, improving academic attainment and preparing young people to move forward in their lives.


Forge School Sport Partnership is committed to sustaining the delivery of a high quality service to all our partner schools. We aim to use the power of Physical Education and School Sport to motivate and inspire young people to lead an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.



We believe that participation in high quality PE and Sport is valuable in its own right because of the specific educational outcomes and the personal, social and health benefits.


It is also a very effective means of engaging young people in their broader learning, by raising aspirations, providing motivation and promoting behaviours that lead to higher levels of attainment across the full range of school subjects.


Because of this, we believe that every child in Sheffield deserves equal access to high quality PE & Sport in learning environments and programmes that are inclusive, safe, challenging, progressive and enjoyable. These opportunities should be embedded in the school curriculum, and/or be available as Out of School Hours provision and in the community.


We believe that these opportunities should:


· Have a clear educational value

· Be inclusive and easily accessible to all children

· Encourage aspiration and achievement

· Inspire and motivate

· Provide a varied menu of activities

· Value participation regardless of ability

· Encourage and support progression to higher levels of performance as appropriate

· Provide opportunities for competition at various levels

· Encourage positive personal and social values such as team work, self esteem and self awareness

· Promote responsibility as a citizen and develop leadership


Our core values are:


· Learning for All

· Inclusion

· Aspiration

· Responsibility

· Citizenship

· Leadership

· Achievement for All

· Team Work

· Self Esteem

· Respect

· Excellence

· Quality Assurance


We expect that many of these opportunities would be delivered by teachers and other adults working on a regular basis in a school, but recognise that to offer a broad range of activities, the services of external providers will need to be   contracted. We at Forge SSP will ensure that our provision is of an extremely high quality and that members of staff are qualified to the suitable standards.


In order that these external providers achieve the goals outlined above they will need to:


· Work within the context of the core principles and values adopted by the school

· Guarantee minimum standards of delivery in safe and appropriate environments

· Have staff that are suitably qualified and verified to work with children

· Have developed quality assurance processes

· Work in partnership to provide the best possible service

· Provide value for money


Raising Achievement through High Quality PE and School Sport

Competition and the Most Abled

Leadership and Volunteering

Participation and Engagement

Ofsted Link

· Improving the quality and breadth of PE provision

· Ensuring teaching is outstanding or at least good

· Provide opportunities for teaching pedagogy in PE to be implemented across other subjects

· Provide a rich, relevant, broad and          balanced curriculum

· Providing excellent educational           experiences at school

· Providing opportunities for more abled pupils to reach their potential

· Providing opportunities for all pupils to reach their highest levels of personal achievement and development

· Opportunities for disadvantaged pupils to improve and achieve

· Promotion and development of SMSC

· Opportunities for pupils to reach their potential

· Ensuring pupils are well prepared for their next stage of education

· Providing opportunities for all pupils to reach their highest levels of personal achievement and development

· Improved conduct at different times of day e.g. lunchtime

· Promotion of SMSC and improve     physical well-being

· Opportunities for disadvantaged pupils to improve and achieve

· Improve attitudes towards learning

· Meeting the desired outcomes of the School Sport Premium

· Working towards a healthy, active nation

Our Work

· Support for Newly Qualified Teachers and ITT students to develop subject knowledge and confidence in delivering high quality PE

· Support subject leaders in PE to ensure the delivery of high quality PE and raise attainment across all Key Stages

· Develop the continuity of progression and quality across the KS2/3 transition

· Provide CPD to support the skill development of teachers and adults supporting learning to enhance the quality of curriculum delivery

· Provide up to date information and support schools to meet the needs of the pupils in light of the curriculum review

· Create a modern competition system that provides opportunities for ALL young people to progress into local, regional and national competitions

· Support a wide range of Intra and Inter School competitive opportunities  that are inclusive  and fully reflective of the diversity of our schools

· Provide pathways to support the development of talented pupils and increase the number of young people taking part in competitive sport

· Promote the identification of more able pupils within PE/Sport through the JAE programme and create opportunities for differentiated learning to allow all pupils to reach their potential

· Develop confident, fit for purpose and qualified young leaders and volunteers across all Key Stages using national leadership programmes

· Provide training and development to support the delivery of events, competitions and festivals and support local clubs

· Increase opportunities to access the Leadership Academies and Young Ambassadors’ Programme

· Provide access to high quality coaching by ensuring the coaches have the necessary qualifications, knowledge and training

· Work with local and regional partners to share good practise and create a unified approach to develop a local coaching infrastructure

· Provide access to nationally funded physical activity intervention programmes to increase participation of targeted groups

· Develop a workforce of ‘Active Lifestyle’ coaches in schools to identify and engage the least active pupils

· Provide access to specialist coaches, training and equipment to  assist schools in delivering a wide range of lunchtime and after-school programmes

· Expand the network of Change 4 Life Sports Clubs to create further opportunities for participation