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Curriculum Support & Clubs

Annual PE & School Sport Development Support (Half Day/Full Day)

A member of staff will work in your school for 1 full day/1 half day for the academic year to help support the PE coordinator develop areas of need that are specific to your school. The support could include, but not restricted to:

• Curriculum support working alongside teachers lacking confidence in teaching PE

• Assistance in creating and developing your PE and School Sport Premium plan

• Support in creating a school sport reward system in school

• Assistance in delivering Physical Activity across school

• Assessment in PE

• Delivery of targeted interventions e.g. girls, SEN, most abled

• Delivery of a lunchtime and after school club on designated day (for full day support)

• Creating an intra-competition league within school

• PE and School Sport admin support

• Delivery of a breakfast club or after school club on designated day (for half-day support dependant on AM/PM delivery)

Sports Coaching Sessions - 6 weeks x 1 hour

Which can include but is not restricted to: Curriculum Support, Lunchtime Club, Young Leader Training, After School Club, Activity Day (6 hours) *Subject to availability

After School Club

1x after school club for the full 39 weeks of the academic year *Subject to availability

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